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Digital Evolution
ARCHE - the first principle

The early Ionian pilosophers sought for the primary and ultimate element of all things in our world. Water, air, fire. Now we try to find the same underlying principle in the digital universe. As the physical laws of this artificial world correspond to processor architectures we are looking for a universal processor. This abstract machine should be able to emulate all possible processors and this way should enable the evolution of the genetic decoding system.

Now the development concentrates on creating an evolvable processor. Technical details.

Debrecen March 22, 2001


This site is dedicated to those people, who are amazed by the simple and efficient functioning of digital computers as well as by the endless diversity of the living state, and mostly to those, who want to know how these two different things are connected.

What does the machine-code programming have to do with the self-replicating DNS molecule? What are the general characteristics of life? Can we consider to be alive the programs existing in the computer's memory and eating other programs? What can be produced via such a simple process? The sequence of questions is infinite. The answers are not guaranteed. What is sure: an exciting saunter around the common boundaries of biology, computer science, mathematics and philosophy.

Helsinki July 17, 2000

What does the ancient greek word 'Physis' mean?
  1.  nature
  2.  origin, spring, birth
  3.  growth, increase
  4.  constitution, character, peculiarity, essence, substance
  5.  exterior, outward form, appearance
  6.  nature of soul/spirit, character, personality, natural inclinations
  7. (animal) instinct
  8. regular order of nature
  9. creator nature
  10. primary element
  11. creation
  12. creature
  13. species
  14. sex
Debrecen Oct 17, 2000


Attila Nagy