Techniques invented by digital organisms
Unrolling the loop.This is a well-known optimization in the copy-process but look at this code fragment, the duplication of the subsequent two instructions are not obvious:


(MarVM code)

Lazy replication.Performing computations makes the organism faster but replication takes time from computations. How to balance? A surprising solution is lazy replication. First the organism makes an error when measuring itself consequently the copy process cannot start: the first round is for the computations fully. In the next turn the replication begins but with higher speed.
Debrecen May 9th, 2001

Graphs describing the dynamics of digital evolution
The fitness curve of a typical run - it seems that there aren't enough task to learn:

The effectivelength (number of executed instructions) in an other run.

The lifetime distribution of organisms. (does it indicate self-organized criticality?)

The graphs were made by Gri and R
Debrecen May 10th, 2001