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Physis - software tool for studying the evolution of self-replcating  machine-code  computer programs.

Physis - a versatile term in ancient greek philosophy. Its meanings are:

nature, origin, spring, birth, growth, increase, constitution, character, peculiarity, essence, substance, exterior, outward form, appearance, nature of soul/spirit, character, personality, natural inclinations, (animal) instinct, regular order of nature, creator nature, primary element, creation, creature, species, sex

shortly we can say it is the vast creative power of nature, more specifically nowadays we call it simply evolution. The ultimate goal of this project is to let this power free in digital computers,  and waiting for  the  e-cambrian  explosion.  Hence  the name,  physis.

According to our approach living organisms and computer programs are beautiful structures and are  pretty much the same thing. For a more down-to-earth summary of this work please press the 'Research' button. ;)
The old website can be found here, although it's no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. [and I have no time to maintain a hungarian version, any  volunteers? ]
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