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[ENG] Attila Egri-Nagy, C.L.Nehaniv: Evolvability of the Genotype-Phenotype Relation in Populations of Self-Replicating Digital Organisms in a Tierra-like System
ECAL2003 (accepted paper)

[ENG] Attila Egri-Nagy, C.L.Nehaniv: Evolvability of Genotype-Phenotype Mapping in Populations of Self-replicating Digital Organisms
Symposium on Evolvability and Sensor Evolution at the University of Birmingham on 24-25 April 2003.  PDF

[ENG] Attila Egri-Nagy: Digital Organisms
Research Collogium Seminar University of Hertfordshire April 2003. PDF

[HUN] Egri-Nagy Attila: Digitális evolúció
..::EKI::.. 2003. március. PDF

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